Things to Discuss with Your Obstetrician

By James A. Scales, MD
August 08, 2017
Category: Pregnancy Care
Tags: obstetrician  

If you're thinking about getting pregnant or have recently found out you’re pregnant, it’s not uncommon to have many questions. You will obstetricianhave the opportunity to have these answers at your first appointment with your Texarkana, TX obstetrician, Dr. James Scales. Before this appointment arrives, make a list of questions you have so that you’re prepared for this important appointment.

Questions to Ask Your Obstetrician

Some of the most common questions that women have for their Texarkana obstetrician include:

  1. How much will I gain?
  2. Do I have an increased risk of any medical conditions?
  3. What screenings do I need to have done?
  4. What kind of diet should I follow?
  5. Are there any foods or drinks I shouldn’t consume?
  6. Can I exercise?
  7. Are there any restrictions with sex?
  8. Can I dye my hair or paint my nails?
  9. What over the counter medications can I use?
  10. Can I still take the prescription medications I’m taking?
  11. Which prenatal vitamin is best?
  12. What prenatal classes do you recommend?
  13. When labor begins, when should I call you?
  14. What should I do if I have cramping or spotting?
  15. When is a good time to call you with questions?

As your pregnancy continues, you will have more specific questions regarding induction, c-sections, the pregnancy experience, and epidurals. That’s perfectly normal. Dr. Scales is experienced and has helped countless women through successful pregnancies.

Ultimately the questions that a woman has for her Texarkana, TX obstetrician will vary depending on her age, medical history and other circumstances. Just know that that is completely normal. By keeping the communication route open between you and your obstetrician, you can expect to experience a stress-free pregnancy. To schedule this important first appointment with Dr. Scales today, call 903-614-3003.