Birth Control Options

By James A. Scales, MD
February 13, 2017
Category: Women's Health
Tags: Birth Control  

Birth control is used in order to prevent pregnancy by using one or more methods or devices. Medical contraception is available from Dr. birth controlJames Scales at his Texarkana, TX, office. He can discuss with you the variety of options available to you and suggest those that suit your health the best. Ultimately, all types of birth control have both risks and benefits to their use. A full disclosure conversation regarding your medical history helps Dr. Scales determine which will work best.

Birth Control Options in Texarkana

There are countless birth control methods available. The method chosen will depend on the woman's age, health history, preference and overall comfort. Here are some of the most popular birth control options offered from Dr. Scales:

  • Hormonal Birth Control: This includes implants, patches, injections and pills. This method prevents fertilization and stops ovulation. The effectiveness depends on the user and whether they follow the proper schedule. Implants are long-acting and need to be replaced once every three years.
  • Intrauterine Devices (IUD): This is a t-shape appliance that is placed into the uterus. This long-acting birth control administers an active ingredient that prevents pregnancy.
  • Barrier Methods: These can include sponges, diaphragms and condoms. They prevent sperm from entering the uterus.
  • Sterilization: Perhaps the least popular, this method severs the ability to reproduce. Recovery time is generally short and the procedure is minimally-invasive and has no long-term side effects.

Dr. Scales, your Texarkana, TX Obstetrician/Gynecologist, can help discuss your birth control options. He will work with you directly and consider your specific health when suggesting the best option for you. He is ready and willing to answer any question you may have about birth control or your sexual health. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Scales today, call (903) 614-3003 today.